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Conservation Biology

Bérubé, Vicky [1], Rochefort, Line [1].

Ecological restoration of a minerotrophic peatland in Eastern Canada.

Peatland restoration attempts to resolve the conflict between the environmental and economic value of peatlands by allowing the return of ecological functions after peat harvesting. Restoration methods for ombrotrophic peatlands(bogs) have been successfully developed (Rochefort et al. 2003). However, in practice, peat harvesting can lead to the exposure of the underlying minerotrophic peat and mineral deposits. These sites are richer in minerals and less acidic than the pre-existing bogs, thus creating conditions which are sub-optimal for bog community restoration (Wind-Mulder et al. 1996). Restoration towards a minerotrophic peatland (fen) is more desirable for such sites. The primary goal of North American technique for peatland restoration is the return of one of their unique ecosystem function, that is, peat accumulation. Therefore, much of the European fen restoration research is not directly transferable to North America because of different land use and restoration goals. We do not know which techniques are suitable to re-establish natural conditions of a fen in North America. To get some answers, a multidisciplinary team of researchers will study the ecology of target pool species to be reintroduced, the hydrology of the mined peatland and diverse techniques for successful establishment of key species. The project will follow a framework for restoration projects inspired by assembly rule approach which are a helpful tool in restoration ecology because if the constraints of a system are defined, restoration efforts can focus on manipulating these constraints to steer succession towards the desired community (Temperton et al. 2004). The Bic-St-Fabien (BSF) project aimed to restore a 20 ha peatland complex where a mosaic of management options will be tested. Finally, with this large-scale fen restoration project, we will test the relationships between various community structures and their ecosystem functions and hope to further advance knowledge in fen ecology.

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1 - Peatland Ecology Research Group, Université Laval, Plant Science, 2425 rue de l\'Agriculture, Pavillon Paul Comtois, Bureau 3407, Québec, Québec, G1V OA6, Canada

Restoration Ecology
reference ecosystem.

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