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Plant Development / Développement des plantes (CBA/ABC)

Ismail, Tariq [1].

Pakistan status and constriants in plant biotechnology.

Pakistan is a developing country in Asia. About 70% of its population is rural and depends on agriculture for its livelihood. The Pakistan Agricultural Research Institute prioritises to explore modern biotechnology options to improve agriculture. Universities, research foundations, and private laboratories are involved tissue culture research and commercial production. To date there are no commercialised molecular marker assisted selection (MMAS) products in Pakistan. However research is ongoing by collaborators using MMAS to develop maize lines resistant to maize streak virus, and drought tolerant maize. The National Biosafety Committee has given approvals for research trials on genetically engineered sweetpotato, maize and cotton, a seedless citrus has been produce by NIAB(National institute of agriculture Biology). Funding for research and development is mostly from donor agencies while state funding caters for recurrent expenditure of institutes. Public awareness on biotechnology issues has increased due to the efforts of NCB– National Commission, on Biotechnology and others. Major constraints include the fact that research is donor funded hence Pakistan cannot drive her own agenda. The rate of brain drain is very high. Institutional linkages are weak and there’s an absence of explicit policies to govern biosafety. The way forward includes intensified efforts to retain capacity and create linkages. Curriculum development should incorporate biotechnology and allow for early exposure. The enactment of laws should be expedited to spell out national priorities and investment strategies for biotechnology research and development. Key words: Pakistan, NCB, Biotechnology, and Research, NIAB

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1 - Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Manag, Faculty of Biotechnology and Informatics, H. no 7-5/52-392 Toghi Road Near Bari Eid Gah,, Quetta, Balochistan, 87300, Pakistan

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Session: 19
Location: 215/SUB
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
Time: 2:45 PM
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