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Stress Tolerance

Veatch-Blohm, Maren [1], Morningstar, Lindsay [1].

Screening of Calla Lily Varieties for Response to Moderate Salt Stress.

Salt stress is related to the build up of excess ions such as Na+ and Cl- in the soil. It is a common cause of plant injury and reduced yields in agricultural crops. Salt stress effects include reduced emergence, poor seed production, and low biomass. Depending on the severity of the salt stress, the plant will experience different levels of physiological drought, ion toxicity and reduced soil aeration. Salinity is increasing not only in agricultural areas, but also in urban areas, where ornamental plants are often grown; however, very little research has been done on salt stress and ornamentals. The purpose of our study was to quantify the effect of moderate salt stress on growth of Calla Lily. Four calla lily varieties (Flame, Pink rehmanii, Pillow Talk and Spotted White) were grown in the greenhouse after emergence for 2 months under three salt concentrations (0, 25, and 50 mM NaCl). Measured parameters were growth, flower production, biomass of the roots and shoots, shoot/ root ratio, and chlorophyll content. Although there were differences among varieties, there were no salinity by variety interactions. None of the salinity treatments had a significant effect on growth, flower production, chlorophyll, or fresh weight. A salinity of 50 mM NaCl caused a slight, yet significant depression only in shoot dry weight and in the root to shoot ratio. However, the effect of salinity was so minimal to overall appearance of the plants that there appears to be some inherent tolerance to moderate salinities in these varieties of calla lily. To further understand calla lily’s response to salinity we are currently examining if salinity will have a greater effect if applied to freshly planted rhizomes, compared to emerged plants. We are also screening plants to determine the level of salinity that would result in plant mortality.

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1 - Loyola College in Maryland, Biology, 4501 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, 21210, U.S.A.

salt stress
Ornamental Plants
Calla Lily.

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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
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