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Kim, Chan-Soo [1], Moon, Myung-Ok [2], Song, Gwan-Pil [3], Kim, Dae-Sin [4], Tho, Jae-Hwa [1], Koh, Jung-Goon [5].

Endangered Plants in Jeju Island, Korea.

The rareness of 1,715 taxa in Jeju was evaluated and the Red Lists were compiled based on IUCN Categories and Criteria. The objective data is necessary to prepare the protective policies for endangered wild plants, and to propose the reduction plan of environmental impact assessment. Of the 1,715 taxa, there is one in each extinct (EX) and extinct in the Wild (EW). The extinct and extinct in the Wild species is Rhododendron saisiuense Nakai (Ericaceae) and Asplenium antiquum Makino (Aspleniaceae), respectively. Three taxa, Rhododendron dauricum L. (Ericaceae), Lycopodium sieboldii Miq., and Lycopodiella cernua (L.) Serm (Lycopodiaceae) are extinct in the region (RE). Sixty-one taxa are critically endangered (CR), 13 are endangered (EN), and 83 are near threatened (NR) at regional level. At global level, there are 19 taxa in CR, 4 in EN, and 1 in VU (Vulnerable) as the category of threat. The rest taxa are classified as Least Concern (LC). According to the results of the assessment, conservation measures must be taken for total of 157 species that are categorized in threaten including one of EX, one of EW and three extinct in the region immediately. Of 157 species, 61 are CR, 13 are EN and 83 are VU.

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1 - Korea Forest Research Institute, Warm-Temperate Forest Research Center, Jeju, 697-050, Korea
2 - Cheju National University, Department of Life Science, Cheju National University, Jeju, Jeju, 690-756, Korea
3 - Jeju biodiversity Research Institute, Jeju Hitech Industry Development Institute, Jeju biodiversity Research Institute, Jeju, Jeju, 697-943, Korea
4 - Institute of Environmental Resource Research,, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju, Jeju, 690-816, Korea
5 - Institute of Environmental Resource Research, Jeju Special Self-Govern, Jeju, 690-816, Korea

IUCN Categories and Criteria.

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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
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