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The Future of International Botanical Research: possibilities and strategies for your International collaborations and research, especially in developing nations

Mc Court, Richard [1].

International Funding Opportunities at NSF.

There are a series of modalities in which NSF plays a funding role for botany. These range from individual grants for research projects abroad to tracking science information in other nations via participation in meetings, surveys, and assessments. There are 5 categories into which International activities fall: 1.) US participation in global scale research networks (more than two dozen); 2.) Support for international activities such as the Gemini south facility in Argentina; 3.) Linkages to research programs in other nations; 4.) Support for new scientists in which post-docs early career and graduate students are supported and; 5.) International science information which is tracking and participation in research and education in other countries via participation in international meetings, surveys, assessments. There are also separate international polar programs for research at the two poles. Workshop and planning international activities are also funded. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Mexico are Americas counterpart organizations. Special regional activities such as workshops and short courses in certain regions (such as Pan America) of two to four weeks in biological science are supported. NSF can also provide links to science organizations around the world which fund science, sometimes on a cooperative basis. Examples of multinational programs are the International Biological Program, the Tropical Oceans-Global Atmosphere Program, the Antarctica Program. These programs and more will be discussed.

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1 - National Science Foundation, Division of Biological Infrastructure, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Virginia, 22203, USA

NSF International Programs
International facilities
international funding
multinational programs
Pan American Programs.

Presentation Type: Symposium or Colloquium Presentation
Session: S11
Location: 178/Law
Date: Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
Time: 9:45 AM
Number: S11004
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