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Bogler, David [1].

Interactive Key to the Grasses of the United States.

An interactive key to the grasses of the United States was produced as part of a project sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service to generate interactive keys of all U.S. plants. The keys and data are to be incorporated with the extensive images, distribution data, and links already in the USDA PLANTS database (http://plants.usda.gov). Traditional keys such as those found in state floras compel the user to make a series of dichotomous choices through sequential levels. With large families such as Poaceae this process can be quite lengthy, tedious, and frustrating if a required character is unavailable. The interactive key format allows the user to make multiple character choices at any level using any available characters to rapidly narrow the list of prospective species. Character data for 1,612 grass species were compiled at the Missouri Botanical Garden from multiple sources including national, regional, and state floras, theses and dissertations, monographs, revisions, online databases, herbarium specimens, and personal experience. The matrix of 282 morphological characters was formatted to run under SLIKS (Stinger's Lightweight Interactive Key Software, http://www.stingersplace.com/SLIKS ). SLIKS also provides an online glossary of terms, best character indicator, filtering by genus, and species are linked to maps and images of the USDA PLANTS website. The keys are organized by state or territory and available for free online access or downloading from http://npdc.usda.gov/technical/plantid_wetland_mono.html or http://www.davidbogler.com/GrassesUSA.html .

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1 - Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, Missouri, 63166-0299, USA

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