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Yousofi, Mehdi [1].

Taxonomic review of the Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. complex (Poaceae: Triticeae) in Iran.

The genus Agropyron Gaertn. (Poaceae: Triticeae), from which 23 species have previously reported from Iran, is today restricted to Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. complex sensu lato. In the present study the taxonomy of this complex in Iran was reviewed using morphological and cytological analysis. For this, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Cluster Analysis were performed on morphological data from 35 characters of the thirteen populations of A. cristatum collected from different parts of the country. Furthermore, observations were made on root tip cells of the same materials as included in the present investigation. In support of the obtained results many published literature, herbarium specimens and field observations were also reviewed. The cytological results showed three ploidy levels (2n=2x=14; 2n=4x=28 and 2n=6x=42) among the populations. A diploid population of A. cristatum was also reported from Hamadan province in the west of Iran. The diploid taxa are relatively rare and therefore are important. The results of PCA and cluster analysis revealed six distinctly morphological types among the examined populations and the obtained data were used to taxonomic reassessment of this complex species. The presence of A. cristatum subsp. puberulum Nevski was confirmed in the flora of Iran and a new taxon as A. cristatum subsp. hamadanicum Yousofi (subsp novo) was also reported. Therefore, this complex in Iran consist of 4 subspecies and 3 varieties as: 1) A. cristatum subsp. pectinatum (M.Bieb.) Tzvelev with three varieties; var. pectinatum, var. imbricatum (Roemer et Schultes) G.Beck and var. minor Yousofi (var. novo), 2) A. cristatum subsp. incanum (Nab.) Melderis, 3) A. cristatum subsp. puberulum (Boiss. ex Steud.) Tzvelev and 4) A. cristatum subsp. hamadanicum Yousofi (subsp. novo). Finally, a taxonomic key for separating the subspecies and varieties and a distribution map of the A. cristatum complex in Iran were provided.

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1 - Payam Noor University, Department of Biology, Ashrafi Esfahani BLVD., Esfahan, Iran

Agropyron cristatum.

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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
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