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Special Presentation

  ·  Address of the BSA President-Elect - Dr. Karl Niklas
  ·  Annals of Botany Lecture - Dr. Loren Rieseberg
  ·  Plenary Address - Dr. Paul Stamets
  ·  Regional Botany Special Lecture - Dr. Carl Wieman


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  ·  Biogeography
  ·  Conservation Biology
  ·  Economic Botany: Applied Plant Biology
  ·  Economic Botany: Ethnobotany
  ·  Economic Botany: Evolution of Cultivated Plants
  ·  Economic Botany: History of Plants and People
  ·  Ecophysiology
  ·  Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo)
  ·  Gene Structure and Function
  ·  Genomics / Proteomics
  ·  Molecular Biology
  ·  Molecular Ecology and Evolution
  ·  Pollination Biology
  ·  Population Genetics
  ·  Stress Tolerance
  ·  Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interactions

Symposium or Colloquium Presentation

  ·  Bryophytes and Lichens of North America: Diversity, Function and Importance
  ·  Colloquium: The flora of Madagascar: research needs and research progress
  ·  Colloquium: The Utility of Pollen in Systematic and Morphological Studies: A Celebration of the Life of John J. Skvarla
  ·  Demand for Botanists on Public Lands: Challenges and Solutions
  ·  From Gels to Genomics: The Evolving Landscape of Pteridology. A Celebration of Gerald Gastony's Contributions to Fern Evolutionary Biology
  ·  Phylogeography of northern North America with insights from paleontological, geological, and molecular data
  ·  Plants and fungi--growing together
  ·  Pollination to Population Structure - How Understanding Reproductive Biology Can Inform Conservation of Rare Plants
  ·  Polyploidy: Genetics, Evolution and Ecology
  ·  President's Symposia - Understanding the Crisis in Science Literacy: The BSA is Planting Science in the 21st Century
  ·  The Future of Botany Teaching
  ·  The Future of International Botanical Research: possibilities and strategies for your International collaborations and research, especially in developing nations
  ·  Tropical Biodiversity and Food Security
  ·  Understanding plant evolution: morphology to molecules
  ·  Wollemia nobilis: Modern Studies of an Ancient Plant

Presentations for Society\Section: Understanding plant evolution: morphology to molecules

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Monday, July 28th

Monday, July 28th, 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm · Room 4/Woodward
Session S4: Symposium: Understanding plant evolution: morphology to molecules
Presiding: Amy Litt, New York Botanical Garden
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S4001July 28th 1:45 pmRoom 4/WoodwardRescuing Robert Brown: from gymno-ovuly to angio-ovuly
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Symposium or Colloquium PresentationTomlinson, P. Barry.Robert Brown
S4002July 28th 2:15 pmRoom 4/WoodwardThe immense diversity of floral monosymmetry and asymmetry across angiosperms
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Symposium or Colloquium PresentationEndress, Peter K..Monosymmetry
Angiosperm flowers
S4003July 28th 2:45 pmRoom 4/WoodwardPlant Fossils as blank slates and blank checks.
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Symposium or Colloquium PresentationRothwell, Gar W.; Nixon, Kevin.fossils
S4004July 28th 3:45 pmRoom 4/WoodwardNew insights into the evolution of morphology, ontogeny, and biology of the flowers in the spiderwort and dayflower family, Commelinaceae
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Symposium or Colloquium PresentationHardy, Christopher R..Commelinaceae
Floral development
buzz pollination
pollinator deception
S4005July 28th 4:15 pmRoom 4/WoodwardCycads in the gymnosperm tree of life
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Symposium or Colloquium PresentationLittle, Damon; Deutsch, Joan; Dutton, Ashley; Margheim, Stephanie; Peery, Rhiannon; Raubeson, Linda A.; Stevenson, Dennis Wm..Cycadales
S4006July 28th 4:45 pmRoom 4/WoodwardFunctional evolution of the APETALA1/FRUITFULL gene lineage: a molecular approach to understanding morphological evolution
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Symposium or Colloquium PresentationLitt, Amy; Mohamed, Abeer; Pabon Mora, Natalia; Nowogrodzki, Anna.euAP1
core eudicot
Flower development

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