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Monday, July 28th

Monday, July 28th, 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm · 215/SUB
Session 66: Contributed Papers: Tropical Biology
Presiding: Suzanne Koptur, Florida International University
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66001July 28th 3:45 pm215/SUBA morphological analysis of Aiphanes minima, a Lesser Antillean palm
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Oral PaperLaubengayer, Karen M..Aiphanes
Aiphanes minima
Lesser Antilles
66002July 28th 4:00 pm215/SUBRevisionary systematics of the tree-violets (Rinorea) of tropical Asia and the South Pacific
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Oral PaperBallard, H. E.; DeMuria, J..Rinorea
tropical Asia
South Pacific
66003July 28th 4:15 pm215/SUBStructure and diversity of a riparian forest at Kaieteur National Park, Guyana
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Oral PaperKelloff, Carol L..Guyana
plot study
Guiana Shield
Barro Colorado Island
66004July 28th 4:30 pm215/SUBThe coexistence of two Cecropia species: a morphological study approach
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Oral PaperZalamea, Paul Camilo; Heuret, Patrick; Nicolini, Eric; Sarmiento, Carolina; Fonty, Emile; Rutishauser, Ervan; Stevenson, Pablo.French Guiana
Plant morphology
Node production rate
Cecropia sciadophylla
Cecropia obtusa

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