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Monday, July 28th

Monday, July 28th
3:45 pm to 4:15 pm · Blair/Gage
Session 26: Contributed Papers: Molecular Biology Contributed Papers
Presiding: Mark W. Chase, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
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26001July 28th 3:45 pmNon-coding plastid DNA and DNA barcoding: a critical evaluation
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Molecular BiologyPaperChase, Mark W.; Devey, Dion; Clarkson, James J.; Cowan, Robyn.DNA Bar coding
non-coding DNA
microsatellite DNA
26002July 28th 4:00 pmA two-locus DNA Barcode for plants: species discrimination and community phylogenetics in a tropical ecosystem
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Molecular BiologyPaperErickson, David; Bermingham, Eldredge; Sanjur, Oris; Kress, John.DNA barcodes
Matrix Representation with Parsimony

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